existibility vlogs | Wednesday W(h)ine Ep. 1

In which I drink wine out of a martini glass (because I haven’t bought myself proper wine glasses yet) and talk about guys being stupid on online dating sites.

(Yeah, I know this video is being uploaded on a Thursday, buuuut… sometimes these things happen. Video was recorded on a Wednesday, though, so that’s what matters.)

18 09/14

hestiaschaetzeken replied to your post: On entering the medical profession, av…

Ugh… those kind of people. Kill them with fire. I hope you’ll always find some nice people to surround you with those next 4 years. (also until now I only associated gunners with the FC Arsenal lol)

I had a good conversation with yet another nice, non-gunner on my walk home today, so I’m really happy. I have a feeling that people who live in this part of town tend to be non-gunners (they’re also a bit older than most students in my class, which I think contributes to their non-gunneriness).

Alsoooo, he said I was “very not-pre-med,” which is honestly the best compliment.

27 08/14

On entering the medical profession, avoiding gunners, and activism

Earlier this month, I stood alongside my peers, all of us clad in our brand new short white coats and clutching our new stethoscopes, and said these words:

I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred

that I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members. 

that I will lead my life and practice my art in uprighteousness and honor.

that into whatsoever house I enter I will go for the benefit of the sick and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption.

that I will follow that treatment plan which, according to my ability and judgement, I believe to be most helpful to my patients.

that whatsoever I see or hear of the lives of men and women which ought not to be spoken of, I will not divulge.

While I continue to keep this oath inviolate, may I enjoy life and the practice of medicine, and be respected by society; but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot.

And just like that, I took my first step into the medical profession.

It was surreal. To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real. Like what?? You’re telling me that, In four short years, I’m going to exchange my short white coat for an attending’s long one? That my knowledge of the human body is going to grow exponentially in the next year and a half—and then some, once I’m actually seeing patients? This can’t be real life.

Although there’s a part of me that’s still in “pinch me, I’m dreaming” mode, another part of me is already completely disenchanted with my medical school experience. Does that make absolutely no sense? Alrighty, let me explain.

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27 08/14

Broken Horse (Freelance Whales cover)

I finally got around to covering another song! This one’s for raw-toast <3 More covers for friends to come!

22 08/14

On endings and beginnings

As the shortest summer of my life comes to a close and the last four years of my formal education begins, I feel the need to make sense of the jumbled mess of thoughts that have been crowding my mind for the past couple of weeks. So naturally, I’m word vomiting onto my blog. Bear with me…

tl;dr The future is scary, and I’d much rather cling to the past, but I’ve got to make plans and forge ahead even if I’d rather not.

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09 08/14

How to Save a Life (cover) by Light the Beacons!

My sister and I finally got around to recording a cover for you guys, as promised. But on the day before I leave for vacation, of course, because we put the pro in procrastination.

Anywho. Together, heygraciela and I are Light the Beacons!, and this is probably the first thing we’ve posted to the interwebs. It is by no means a perfect cover, but it was still fun to record. Maybe next time (i.e. next time we’re visiting each other) we’ll make a video of us singing together, but today we were kinda lazy, so audio post only. Enjoy!

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22 07/14

existibility vlogs | the sister tag

In which my sister and I talk about… us. And laugh a lot. Sorry my laugh is obnoxious. Also for the loud air con (A/C for all you mainland American folk) in the background.

08 07/14

Blog update: commenting

I’ve enabled Disqus on this blog, so you can now comment on my posts using your Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. Of course, replying via tumblr is cool as well.

Cool beans.

06 07/14

On patriotism and American exceptionalism

I really should be in bed, but I’ve been thinking about this all day, so I better get this out before it’s no longer relevant.

So we just celebrated the 4th of July, which means I’ve taken 1776% more “YEAH ‘MURRICA” and “FREEDOM FTW” than the recommended daily dose. But seriously, as I get older, I find celebrating the 4th of July a bit… conflicting for me.

On the one hand, I’m happy to be an American, and I appreciate the fact that I can live and work in this country and can take advantage of whatever opportunities it has to offer—it’s why my parents and grandparents immigrated to this country in the first place. And I appreciate my citizenship even more when I think about some of my other relatives who would give their right arm just to get their green cards but have been unable to do so for years (for over a decade, if I remember correctly).

On the other hand, however, I can’t help but be disappointed in my country for not living up to its shining ideal of “liberty and justice for all,” as we say in our pledge. To think that America provides liberty and justice to all of her citizens is naive at best and willfully blind at worst. It’s late, and I’m exhausted, so I’m not going to pull specific stats off of the internet right now, but you don’t need to look far to discover that straight, white males (especially of the Protestant variety) are the standard and that rich, straight, white men wield the most privilege and power. If you’re not that… well, tough luck. Essentially, American society is not designed to equally consider women (*cough* Hobby Lobby *cough*), people of color, LGBTQ individuals, non-Christians, and low-income individuals.

The internal conflict I feel comes from the fact that, during the 4th of July, we often go on and on about how we’re the greatest nation on the planet and how exceptional we are when, in reality, we’re really, really screwed up. Until women and men, people of color and whites, queer and straight individuals, and poor and rich people alike share the same rights—not simply in law but also in practice, we are not exceptional.

And until we actually mean the all in “liberty and justice for all,” I’m just going to continue feeling only “mildly patriotic” during national holidays.

05 07/14

hestiaschaetzeken replied to your post: On Long Commutes and Bracing for the F…

yay, languages! but ugh… the music on the German lessons. I feel ashamed. lol So Bavarian. Also I agree on the part with actually seeing the words. Otherwise you’ll maybe start making up fantasy spellings in your head…? idk.

(I’m going to have to turn on Disqus or something like that to facilitate better commenting on this blog…)

Lol about the Bavarian bit. The native speaking instructor is from Bavaria, so I suppose it’s appropriate in this case.

05 07/14